A Delightful WEF 5 for Finally Farm

Abbie Gordon and Delightful

Abbie Gordon and Delightful

The Children’s and Adult Hunters earned accolades during WEF 5, February 6-10 in Wellington, Florida. And Abigail Gordon and Delightful claimed their first Children’s Hunter, 14 and under, championship as a highlight of the week.

“I want to thank the Barnett family and Joey Norick for sending the horse our way,” said trainer Liza Boyd. “He’s the greatest little horse. Jack said he could have sold him five times in the schooling area. He’s so wonderful,, especially for Abbie, who’s coming off of a pony.

“I’m really proud of her for going from the pony ring straight to the Children’s Hunter ring so fast,” added Liza. “They have a great future ahead. He was doing the 3’6” Junior Hunters at the National Horse Show, so he’s overqualified, which we always like for the kids.”

Paige Miller continued to forge a strong bond with her new mount, Shamrock, whom she purchased earlier in the circuit. The pair earned excellent ribbons in the Low Adult Hunters, including a third and fifth place over fences in a field of 34 competitors.

“People have said the Low Adult Hunter division is one of the most competitive on the circuit,” said Liza with a smile. “There are some amazing horses, and to get a ribbon is a big achievement down here. I’m really happy with how Paige and Shamrock are really getting to know one another and improving every time out.”

Libbie Gordon and Vistano continued their solid performances in the 3’6” Small Junior, 15 and under, section, with top ribbons highlighted with a second place in the stake class.

Maggie Hill and her new equitation mount Eclipse also added to their ribbon collection. They placed fifth out of 66 in the WIHS Overall and were fifth in the Jumper Phase, as well.

Finally Farm is now gearing up for Week 6, which features WEF’s WCHR Week as well as the $100,000 WCHR Peter Wetherill Palm Beach Hunter Spectacular.

Posted on February 13, 2019 .